SX Service API is an API gateway that provides access to all primary functions of SimpleX. With this API you can easily create multi-question surveys and import your responses.

You can then use our AI to categorize responses, retrieve keywords, or do sentiment analysis.

How it works?

This service provides two systems to communicate with the SX Service:

  • Api request

To use this API, you need an API key
How get my api key ?
When you sign in, click on the section account on the left sidebar. Then go to the section "API".
You will find all information you need like:

  • secret api key

HOW TO USE SX Service?

Api request

Every call to SX Service needs to authenticated. To do so the call needs to have access-token header with a valid secret api key token on it (ex:access-token: scr_key_GV2s47vVgvxFvlcnB0Mn5Q)
At any moment you can check if your credentials are still valid with the Check api token endpoint.

Security / Spam

Each call is secure with acces-token.

There a limit of 100 calls per minute.

If you raise this limit, an error will be return wit status 403 and an error message "Limit call raise. Only 100 per minute!"

If you have any question please contact us at [email protected] .